We offer mega results by paying attention to minor details

LUSH Carwash Café is Perth’s one of the leading and one of its kind car wash companies. We not just ensure perfect cleaning and detailing of your car but also make sure that you get calming and pleasant experience at the café while we pamper your car. We have a handpicked team of dedicated car wash experts in Perth who use innovative ideas to clean your car. Quality and techniques of a car wash in Perth at LUSH Carwash Café have improved over years to offer maximum satisfaction to the clients. With our state-of-the-art conveyor technology, we offer swift car wash services and absolute value for your money.

What do you get at LUSH Carwash Café?

Mini Details

Every minor detail of the car plays a vital role in its functionality and beauty, which is a major concern at our exclusive car wash company. The skilled cleaners pay due attention to the interior and exterior of your car to make it look like new. Around four to five cleaning experts treat your car to address every key area.

Steam Cleaning and Leather Treatment

Unlike other car wash companies in Perth, we don’t just wash your car and return it. We treat every vehicle like our own vehicle and bring it back to its previous glory by watchfully cleaning every spot. It also consists of steam cleaning of mats to extract the dirt, stain, and odors. Car cleaning process at LUSH Carwash Café also includes leather treatment to enhance the life of leather in your car. We remove the dirt to clean it that is further followed by a moisturizing process with special conditioner to ensure that leather remains soft and natural for longer without cracking. Take advantage of our expertise and unique process to get your car detailed in Perth at cost-effective rates. Give us a call today to book an appointment for car wash in Perth or Northbridge.